When is the best time to start something new?

It’s all well and good thinking about doing something new, being really passionate about making a difference, doing all the research and even spending lots of hard earned cash on the preparation. Yet what really makes the difference between saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it? When is the best time to start something new?

It’s not the intention – for that just leads you toward the ‘go’ button.

It’s not the ‘right time’ either – for when is that? You can’t predict when the right time will be.

It’s not money – it helps but it doesn’t give you the drive to pass through the starting line.

Starting something new is a culmination of the above coupled with a deep desire, drive, determination and a gut instinct.

However above all simply moving into the starting position where there’s no turning back is about making the commitment to do it. It’s as simple as that.

Commit to starting something new.

Don’t worry about whether it is the right time or the right place. We can’t predict the future in the same way we can’t erase the past.

Yes it is daunting.

What we can do is be sure that our actions will move us in to a new place.

By starting you’ll find out.

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