What you don’t need to include within your CV

We’re all so conscious about ensuring we get our message across that sometimes we give far too much unnecessary information away.  When it comes to your CV it is common to include data that if omitted will certainly de-clutter your page.

Here’s what I recommend you take out from your resume, if you haven’t already:

Your date of birth and age:  Owing to age discrimination rules, this need not be included*

On that point you also don’t need to include:  marital or family status, or religious beliefs*

Photograph:  Unless you are applying for a role as a model or actor, don’t include your photograph*

Social Media links:  Unless these portray you in a professional manner do not include these

Length:  Cut your CV short and aim for two pages

Your old college jobs:  Those part time roles you had whilst you were at University struggling to make ends meet (unless of course you’re starting out).

Irrelevant skills:  We all take on more work than our job description implies.  However don’t list everything you do on your CV.  List those tasks you have undertaken that are appropriate to your dream role.

Unless you’re in the tech industry, wanting to be a PA or Admin Assistant, there is no need to include a plethora of various operating systems either.

Negative press: If you were fired, left on bad terms or even if you had a clash of personalities, it will be detrimental to include such information

References:  Save space!  If someone calls you for an interview and is interested, they will ask you to supply names to give as references

Contact information:  For sure put your email address and phone numbers on your marketing document. Yet don’t put your current business details on your CV.

Remember the whole purpose of a CV is to get you to a face-to-face meeting.  It gives the employer a good indication of what you’ve done, what you can do and what you can do for them.

If you leave gaps in your employment or educational history however, be prepared to answer for them!

If you’d like to see how I can tidy up your CV do contact me:  michelle@cvornotcv.com



*This blog relates to a resume geared to the UK market.  Other countries have different requirements


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