5 sessions for only £350



To have a mentor is to have someone to call upon for advice, resources and ideas when you’re a little stuck.  A mentor will share their expertise and knowledge and take a vested interest in you and your mentoring relationship.  Mentoring will enable you to move forward in your career and/or your personal life.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone or via Skype at a time convenient for you.

Individual sessions last for approximately one hour.  However should you choose a course of coaching sessions (recommended), your first session will be treated as an intake and will last for one hour.  Follow up sessions will last for half an hour each.

Dates can booked in advance so they are secured.  Course sessions must be completed within one year.

Clients have commented on how un-stuck they’ve become, how much clarity they’ve gained and how much productivity they’ve enjoyed.  The course allows clients to check in, cover multiple goals, and also provides accountability – keeping you on track, focussed and energised.

Cost per session:  £75.00

Course of five coaching sessions: £350.00


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