Custom written CV




Creating a new CV from scratch takes some mastery.  That’s where I come in.

A custom written CV starts with a consultation to go through your career history and aspirations.  Call it career coaching.

Through a series of conversations either online or via email, you will receive an impactful document both in terms of layout and content.  Most of all, your CV will be geared to your needs.

Should you need a CV from scratch it is important first to get the basic information together.  Once payment has been made you will be sent a set of questions. I will then work with you to identify your goals – what you would like to achieve. This enables me to tailor your document appropriately.   You will be left with a finished document that you are confident using.  The content and style being a perfect reflection of you.

Even if your CV is ten years old, it would be easier to re-write it than to start from scratch. If you already have one that needs updating, no matter how old, we suggest purchasing the CV Edit package.

Due to the nature of involvement and the individual attention provided, the consultation element is built in to the overall cost.  The document is not considered finished until you are completely confident using it.

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