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Marketing impacts your business.  There are many get rich quick schemes out there yet it is important to find the right strategy to develop your business into the longer-term. Yet to properly identify and implement the best course of action can be extremely time consuming.  Sometimes you need that extra help to see the wood through the trees.  That’s where I can help.

On a freelance basis I will work with you to identify how best to take your business forward.  I will offer a one-to-one service to help you grow your business, to create efficiencies and to provide clarity and simplicity going forward.

Why choose me?

  • I’ve worked with a wide range of industries and sectors and have demonstrated just how easily I can transfer my business, marketing and project management skills;
  • I have over 20 years of broad ranging marketing skills and have repeatedly risen to any marketing challenge successfully and professionally;
  • I am a Chartered Marketer and have maintained my chartered status since 1997 which shows my dedication to the profession and my willingness to continue learning and improving as well as my desire to keep up to date with the latest trends;
  • I have continuously demonstrated my networking and relationship development skills over the course of my career and can pull upon my vast yet close network for add-on solutions;
  • I understand the importance of connections and developing rapport, and enjoy working with people from all levels and all walks of life;
  • Empathic and a good listener with consulting, coaching and mentoring skills I am able to carefully implement change where it matters;
  • My focus is on you and I genuinely want to help, I also love a challenge and am determined to see things through.   I’m professional, committed and experienced in all things marketing be it strategy, planning, control mechanisms, research, or implementation;
  • As a freelancer you won’t have to pay any of the overheads of employing a permanent member of staff and I can be flexible to work around your project requirements.


Whether you need project management for the implementation of a website or a full marketing analysis I can help.  I am able to deliver a wide range of marketing services and can take on one-off hourly jobs or longer term contracts.

Some of the examples of work already successfully completed include:

•   copy including websites, personalised letters and investor pitches

•   newsletter templates and monthly newsletter content

•   advertisements both for social media and print

•   presentations for new business development

•   questionnaires with a response rate above average

•   event planning and organising from intimate dinners to trade shows

•   research and analysis – gathering competitive data and summarising survey responses

•   digital marketing including social media planning and website optimisation

•   marketing plans, strategic plans and business plans

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