How to summarise what you do

Whether it’s the elevator pitch or the summary on your CV there are a few key steps you can follow to ensure you get the perfect balance between getting across what you do and what you need help with, without going overboard.

Here’s how via a four point guideline:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you want to do?
  4. What can you do for the person you are hoping to impress?

unnamedBreaking that down…

1. I’m a Chartered Marketer and certified coach and I really enjoy learning and helping others.

2. I’ve been working in a variety of sectors and most recently I’ve been developing my business, helping a number of charities and enhancing my coaching qualifications.

3. What I’m looking for are more candidates who need help with bringing about a positive change in their life.

4. I’m not only a professional, I’m compassionate, a great listener and I thrive on customer service. I can certainly help you in your transition be it in your personal life or in your career. Coaching sessions last one hour and can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or depending upon where you are based – face to face.

Following the four point guideline can help you structure a summary for your CV, your LinkedIn profile or your website. It can also help you word your elevator pitch.

Practice reading it aloud to get a feel for its authenticity, clarity and duration.

Don’t forget to believe in it and yourself when you deliver it.

Other points to note

Always carry your business card. If you don’t have one it is a good idea to have some made up. This can be done very cheaply via a number of websites including vistaprint

Always give your contact details and if you say you will call you must stick to your word. Use an app such as TeuxDeux and make a note to follow-up any meetings or introductions you have. If someone states they will call you within a given time frame and they don’t, feel free to contact them.

Remember you are your own brand.

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