How to get a perfect profile photograph

Let’s start with me coming clean and admitting my profile photograph is far from perfect.  For starters I did it myself, using Photobooth.  The lighting is dreadful, I’ve got glare on my face, and I could do with a haircut!  I also look far too relaxed to deem it being professional.  What I need is somebody who I can trust, who can take a photograph of me to represent my business and what it stands for and without charging me the earth to do so.

In the meantime, I continue to develop my understanding of what it takes to create a perfect profile photograph.  Most importantly because I’ve stumbled in to offering profile photography as part of the cvornotcv range of services, and practically always being attached to my camera – I thoroughly enjoy it.   Plus clients have felt confident with what I’ve produced.

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Returning to work after having a baby

If you’ve taken time out to raise your family, returning to work after a break is often quite a daunting process.  Yet it doesn’t need to be.

For some women it’s not just about getting back in to a satisfying role that matters, it’s about finding one that fits around the childcare.

The good news is that skills you never thought you possessed become part of your daily routine.  For example:  planning, organising, coordinating, team building, and even mediation.  The list is endless.  It’s just unfortunate that most employers do not yet recognise the talents that a stay at home mum can possess.

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Why are people reluctant to change?

People can be grumpy. I know I can. Sometimes it’s good to offload. Yet when does the constant complaining identify the need for change?

How often do you watch the news as an innocent bystander, read your local paper, or observe behaviour that leaves your reeling?

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