Marketing and Performance Coaching

You’ve a career built from experience, knowledge and awards.  What next?

Professional marketing and performance coaching can help you stand out from the crowd.

For something where the stakes are so high, getting an objective viewpoint really counts.

That’s where I come in …

Let me focus on you

I’ll save you time, make sure you move forward in the right direction, and stay motivated.

I will also help you identify your strengths, and opportunities that are right for you.

What you won’t get from me get is a ‘one-size fits all’ approach – this is a personalised service.

Looking at your challenges holistically, I will help you confidently increase your presence in the busy marketplace.

My goal is to help you grow and enrich your life.

Offering you individual support and advice

I take time to understand your needs and make sure you leave confidently, ready for your next step.

Often checking in to see how clients are doing.

Knowing that I’ve made a positive contribution to so many individuals is why I continue doing what I do.

Why choose me?

I apply proven techniques to help you stand out from the crowd.

I understand how marketing works and how consistent branding can be applied effectively to produce positive results.

I know about different industries and have a great network to call upon when needed.

I understand strategy and can help implement it.

I value service highly. You can expect a professional yet friendly service.

That’s where I make a difference.

I'm also a Chartered marketer, which means I'm at the top of my game. Plus I'm a qualified performance coach, which means I've displayed that I have reached the gold standard in coaching people.

What can I do for you?

I am here to help and support you whether you have an individual or business need.

I'll build your brand and your confidence with it. You’ll be focused and channelled in the right direction.

I don’t just redesign the look and feel of any documentation. I pay attention to the detail. I give you tips, provide suggestions and create consistency.

I've got a great broad ranging network who I can call upon when needed.

I apply simplicity, clarity and honesty and provide completely unbiased feedback. My aim is to ensure you move forward appropriately.

I'll keep you focused and, should you wish, I will also keep you accountable for your actions and make sure you keep on track.

I can help you organise, prioritise, compartmentalise to deal with manageable To-do lists taking away unnecessary stress leaving you feeling like there's a weight off your shoulders.

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