Why are people reluctant to change?

People can be grumpy. I know I can. Sometimes it’s good to offload. Yet when does the constant complaining identify the need for change?

How often do you watch the news as an innocent bystander, read your local paper, or observe behaviour that leaves your reeling?

Whether you keep your thoughts to yourself or share with whomever you meet, the question is why don’t we make change in our lives?

The changes we could make

From people dropping litter to the recycling methods employed by local government. Ever wondered how you could influence your community on improving such matters? Do you constantly moan or do you take action?

Perhaps you’re one of the masses commuting each day to do a job that feels like it’s draining your soul. Why don’t you just change your daily grind?

Our lives – there’s so many things that could be changed…

Work: change it, improve the salary, decrease the hours, get flexible working, or go it alone

Health: start exercising, exercise more, stop smoking, drink less, and relax more

Family dynamics: stop the arguing, make up/say sorry, find long lost family members, and spend more time with the family, start a family

Local community: make the local community safer, cleaner, a more pleasant place to live and a place which residents can feel proud of

When in black and white the changes listed above all seem quite easy and actually those changes can be simple. They just need to happen.

Why don’t we make changes in our lives?

There’s a lot of truth in the saying “if you really want something you can make it happen’. We just complicate matters by over analysing and not taking immediate action.

Better the devil you know. Despite it all, most action requires effort. The perception that any change will require us to suffer in some way is quite a daunting prospect. So why bother?

Plus there’s the worry about money and whether it’s the right time.

Fundamentally the key reason why people are reluctant to change is because as humans we worry about what other people might think.

The truth is that that is merely an assumption. We don’t know what other people think.

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